Books & tools made with bindery


    Generate a book from an channel

    Mindy Seu, Charles Broskoski, Ekene Ijeoma, 2020
  • VSCO Zine

    Create a zine from a VSCO profile.

    Trudy Painter, 2020
  • MICA Sustainable Graphic Design

    Collected thinking on design and the environment

    Members of Sustainable Design, MICA Fall 2019
  • Automatic Book Workshop

    At Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

    Jacob Heftmann, 2019
  • Every Photo

    A book generated from a Small Victories feed

    Jacob Heftmann, 2019
  • Let’s try listening again

    Catalog for the 13th annual A.I.R. Biennial

    Lukas Eigler-Harding, 2019
  • Cita Press

    Feminist indie press publishing public-domain books by women

    Juliana Castro, 2017
  • John Caserta

    Book and site to document projects, writing, and teaching

    John Caserta, 2017
  • for/with/in

    Book and site to explore the web browser as a design tool

    Members of HTML Output, RISD Fall 2014

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